Welcome! I am ‘Yasashiikisu’ of juritr.web.fc2 and xjapantranslations.com.

I made this page for my lyric translations.

  • Can I repost your translations on any other site? Can I translate your translations to another language?

Since this is mainly for lyric texts, a better way to share them would be posting a link, since each has their own page.
If you repost, I only ask you to link back to this page. Or just credit to ‘yasashiikisu’, please.

  • Can I request a translation?

If it is from or related to a band/artist I post here, yes. I want to make this archive as complete as possible, but some texts are hard to find. Specially if it’s from an older release which isn’t easy to find nowadays. So, for this reason, I accept contributions! If you have the original text of a song, please send me a message. yskisu@yahoo.co.jp

Disclaimer: As this is a fan site, the translations are in no way official.
This is just a way for me to practice english and maybe help some fans, I don’t profit anything and all copyrights belong to the original authors. And, since I’m not a native speaker of english, I can’t guarantee everything is correct, so I may correct the text occasionally, please keep that in mind!